Entry Pathways

Entry Pathways

UOW Batemans Bay offers a variety of flexible pathways into our degree programs. If you want to get a university qualification, we will help you find a way. The rest is up to you!

Come and visit the campus and have all your questions answered in person. Call 4472 2125 or email us at bbay@uow.edu.au 

Completing Year 12?

If you're doing your HSC and your sights are set on uni, make sure you apply through the Universities Admissions Centre, (UAC). For advice on applying through UAC please contact the Batemans Bay Campus on 4472 2125.

If you are currently completing year 12 in one of our local schools consider placing one of our courses as a preference through UAC.  You can explore our degrees on this website or through the UOW Course Finder. Remember advertised ATAR cutoffs are a guide only. If you are a current local year 12 student and you place UOW Batemans Bay on your UAC preference list, we will assess your results individually. 

Previously completed year 12?

You can apply using your results regardless of where or when you completed school. We can translate your marks into a ATAR as part of the application process . If you completed year 12 prior to 2013, contact us to arrange assessment of your results.

Even if you have not completed the current NSW HSC (or equivalent) in full, or you did not receive the required entry mark, you may still qualify for admission. 

Indigenous Alternative Admissions

This program gives Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders access to our courses through an achievement test and an interview. The test examines literacy, numeracy and learning comprehension skills. Find out more about the Woolyungah Indigenous Centre or contact them (reverse charges if necessary) on 02 4221 5894 or 02 4221 3776

Cert IV TAFE/AQF qualification

If you have completed a TAFE/AQF Cert IV qualification (excluding trade certificates) you are eligible to apply for entry into our courses. If you have or are in the process of completing Cert II - III, you may want to consider upgrading your qualifications to gain entry to university. Additionally if you have completed a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associated Diploma you may be eligible for some credit transfer.

There are a number of training providers in this region that offer eligible courses. These include:

UOW College University Access Program

The UAP is a 14-week course run at the Batemans Bay Campus to give you the fundamental skills required for university-level study and maximise your chance of success. It is specifically designed for students over 21 who would like to start their academic journey at UOW.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

You can gain entry to UOW via the two hour multiple choice STAT. The STAT is designed to assess a range of skills and knowledge you will need for tertiary study. It is coordinated by the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) and held several times a year.

Completed or partially-completed tertiary studies

If you have gained admission to another university and/or partially completed a university degree, you may use this as entry into our degree courses. You need an appropriate record of achievement from an approved university. You may also be eligible for some advanced standing from subjects completed. Documents must be accompanied by an official English translation if they were produced in another language.

Pathways through Eurobodalla Adult Education

The Pathways program is an alternative entry pathway to a UOW Degree in disciplines including Business, Nursing, Social Sciences and Arts. Pathways Program students will have access to:
• Sponsorship towards the cost of the Cert IV Qualification
• Enrolment as a UOW student in the UOW Bridging and Transition Subject
• Assistance with transitioning to a UOW Degree (guaranteed entry in some disciplines)


Last reviewed: 9 May, 2017

Aboriginal Engagement

Find out about the Aboriginal Community engagement projects at UOW Batemans Bay.

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