Nursing @ Batemans Bay 

All nursing applications for 2017 are processed via the Universities Admission Centre (UAC).

UAC applications for 2017 open in August 2016. For general enquiries, about the Nursing degree offered at UOW Batemans Bay, please contact the Batemans Bay campus on 4472 2125.

Bachelor of Nursing

Nurses are fundamental to health care—one of the essential roles of any hospital or health care setting is to give nursing care. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why motivated, skillful and compassionate nurses are key to healthcare in the future. We emphasise independent study and inquiry as well as team work.

This degree builds a foundation for nursing practice: effective and appropriate professional and caring behaviours and their relevance to holistic health care; and reflective nursing practice skills. It draws on principles of biological, social and behavioural sciences; communication skills; collaboration in a health care team; effective and culturally sensitive practice; responsibility for professional development; and effective time management. As a registered nurse you’ll have the opportunity to travel the world, work in diverse clinical areas, and meet interesting people in interesting places.

What you study

The Bachelor of Nursing comprises 144 credit points of core subjects. This is a prescribed course if you’re seeking registration with the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives Board. The following is a sample course structure only and students should consult the University of Wollongong for more information.

First year

Second year

Third year

  • Patterns of Knowing in
  • Effective Communication
    in Health Care
  • Art and Science of
    Nursing A
  • Art and Science of
    Nursing B
  • Primary Health Care
  • Essentials of Care A
  • Essentials of Care B
  • Introduction to Health
    Behaviour Change
  • Developing Nursing
    Practice 1
  • Principles of
    Episodic Care
  • Developing Nursing
    Practice 2
  • Family Centred Nursing
  • Reflection and Practice
  • Cultural Competence
    in Health Care Practice
  • Therapeutics in Nursing
  • Mental Health
    Nursing 1
  • Nursing Care of
    People with
    Chronic Conditions
  • Mental Health
    Nursing 2
  • Therapeutic Use
    of Self Evidence
    Appreciation and
    Application in
    Health Care Practice
  • Nursing Care of
    People with
    Complex Conditions
  • Challenges of Ageing
  • Leadership in Health
    Care Practice
  • Transition to
    Professional Practice


Whether it is in urban, rural or remote communities; a small or large public or private hospital; a developing country; a non-government organisation NGO; the Australian Defence Force or an individual’s home; Registered Nurses are required.

 The Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of Wollongong provides graduates with the requisite knowledge, clinical skills and attitudes to respond to all areas of need.


Last reviewed: 8 September, 2016

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