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Bachelor of Social Science 

Social Sciences help transform the lives of individuals, groups and communities by understanding, explaining, predicting and changing human behaviour and environments. To do this, social science students engage in interdisciplinary study about human behaviour, including foundations in psychology, sociology, human geography, research methodology, indigenous studies, politics and social determinants of health and wellbeing.

More Information: Bachelor of Social Science.

Bachelor of Arts

The arts and humanities explore why people behave the way they do, and why society sometimes changes in dramatic and unpredictable ways. Arts looks at the big picture,analysing social movements from historical, political, philosophical and social perspectives.

Humanities graduates from UOW are working in careers as diverse as their studies - government, private, non-profit, academic. They can take the skills they learn with them and quickly adapt to new environments.

Career opportunities *

Advertiser | Communications Consultant | Defence Personnel | Diplomat | Editor | Foreign Affairs Officer | Industrial Relations Officer | Interpreter | Journalist | Manager | Marketing Consultant | Media executive | Personnel Officer | Politician | Public Relations Consultant | Publisher | Reporter | Researcher | Retail manager | Teacher | Town Planner | Tourism Worker | Translator | Youth Social Worker

* Some will require further study


As part of the growing diversification of the curriculum offered for the Bachelor of Arts, the University of Wollongong now offers students enrolled in the degree the choice of five majors:

History | English literature  | Indigenous Studies  | Sociology  | Community, Culture and Environment

* Completion of full majors at the Batemans Bay Campus is subject to availability at time of enrolment.


In addition to majors, students can choose from a variety of minor areas of studies including:

History | English literature | Indigenous Studies | Sociology | Community, Culture and Environment | Environmental Studies  | Politics | Media and Culture studies 


Honours Program

Honours is a fourth year of study added on to the end of an undergraduate degree. For some students, it gives them an employment advantage in their post University careers. The Honours year also functions in the university curriculum as a bridge between undergraduate study and postgraduate research. It offers a unique opportunity to study a chosen discipline or interdisciplinary area in depth and to undertake a personalised research project working closely with a supervisor who is an established expert in the field of study being undertaken. As an entry point for postgraduate research students, it provides a stimulating and supportive environment in which students formulate ideas, engage in debate, develop research skills and acquire the critical tools that will equip them for a research career.


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Aboriginal Engagement

Find out about the Aboriginal Community engagement projects at UOW Batemans Bay.

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